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Why Filter Testing is Very Important

When you buy a HEPA filter, you need it to serve you perfectly for the longest time, and regular maintenance and validation is going to be a regular thing. Ordinarily, a DOP test is going to be conducted to testing the HEPA filter working capabilities. The test is completed according to industry standards to ascertain that the HEPA filter is reliable. The common test carried out on your air filter is the DOP test. Your air filtration Performance Assurance Systems work to get rid of powder and dust from your internal environment so that you can have a clean air space inside. Since the air filter will be running most of the time, a DOP test is supposed to ascertain that it is in good working condition all the time.

Some firms have perfected DOP testing an air filtration test port that simplifies the testing process. Just plug and play. However, the testing mechanism is still the same. The system utilizes dispersed oil particulate as an aerosol. The process involves releasing a high concentration of the aerosol directly into the air stream or the upstream of the filter. The tester is then going to take measurements to ascertain that there are no leaks from the filter or the casing. After a complete test, based on the result, one gets an assurance on all the components of the HEPA air filter. This will include the housing, seals, filters and any other related component. The main aim of the testing procedure is to make sure that they are no problems with the filter and it is operating optimally meaning that all air is passing through it. The test needs to identify and dead spots where there can be contamination build up.

As mentioned above, with today’s easy to use air filtration test ports, you can do the test by yourself at home, and it is guaranteed to be a successful one. Once you plug the gadget and hook it up to the port, you release the aerosol. Using a photometer, you can measure the concentration of airflow that is getting returned. Once you are done, you can scan the filter and assess the results. A great thing with such a simple tool is that you can quickly disconnect it when you are done. With such a system, you are guaranteed less time wastage and reduced downtime. Get it and start testing your air filter today.Visit now.

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